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Month: July, 2015

31st of july pon the 7th floor

by styleonelevator ®

maria carla. iphone6. back on ’50s. maglie


maria carla lini
– architect –
dress portobello market, london / bag primark

today on poison drops

30th of july on the 2nd floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. hot style. rome

sun glasses komono / shirt cos / bag furla

29th of july on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

alessandro. iphone4. tax-day (2). rome

29072015_Alessandro Seina
alessandro seina

– art director and founder at studio mjölk –

28th of july on the 5th floor

by styleonelevator ®

francesca&stefano. iphone6plus. green lights.
palazzo della zecca. rome

francesca berton & stefano mastropaolo

green style

today on poison drops

27th of july on the 6th floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. debutante prom. rome

sunglasses fendi / dress &other stories / straw bag

24th of july on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

ilaria, valentina e claudia. iphone4. uptown girls. rome

ilaria zaffiro, valen tina, claudia pellacani

– friends –
alcoholic moment
yellow dress zara / lace top &other stories / ethnic dress zara

today on poison drops

23rd of july on the 5th floor

by styleonelevator ®

elena ale e giulio (and me). iphone5c. post-live. rome

elena de vito
alessandro seinagiulio de donato (and me)
post “lorenzo negli stadi” live

22nd of july on the 4th floor

by styleonelevator ®

fabiana&unghina. iphone5. my sweet kitty. rome

fabiana ercolani

– student –
dress &other stories


– cat –
in the cage

21st of july on the 1st floor

by styleonelevator ®

stefano. iphone6plus. total black. rome

stefano mastropaolo

– fashion blogger and artist –
sunglasses nau / t-shirt vans-star wars
personal cover iphone6plus

today on poison drops

20th of july on the 7th floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. attenti! rome

sunglasses fendi / dress fendi / obag