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Month: June, 2015

12nd of june on the top floor

by styleonelevator ®

ferdinando. iphone5. the congress man. san marino

ferdinando fattori

– pharmacist –
suit salvatore ferragamo

today on poison drops

10th of june on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

ferdinando. iphone5. new shoes. rome

ferdinando fattori

– pharmacist –
t-shirt cos / pants prada / shoes moa

09th of june on the 5th floor

by styleonelevator ®

chiara. iphone6. i wanna be the one. rome

chiara sonnino
– look maker –
top isabel / jeans j brand
bag kelly, hermès

today on poison drops

08th of june on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. need a coffee. rome

sunglasses komono / t-shirt des petits hauts / skirt zara

05th of june on the 2nd floor

by styleonelevator ®

helen sam elena (& massimo). iphone5c. le tre dell’ave maria +1. rome

helen corfield

– translation manager –
silk top carla g.

samantha catini
-journalist –
pull zara

elena de vito
– music producer –
silk top blanco, madrid

massimo francescon
– sommelier –
walking behind

today on poison drops

04th of june on the 1st floor

by styleonelevator ®

sandro. iphone5. mirror man. rome

sandro di castro
– communication manager –
on the altaroma lift

03rd of june on the 4th floor

by styleonelevator ®

fabiana. iphone4. c’mon babe. rome


fabiana ercolani
– student –
top max&co. / skirt zara
shoes converse all star

02nd of june on the 7th floor

by styleonelevator ®

veronica & leyla. iphone4. curly girls. oxford

leyla bilucaglia
– psychologist –
jeans jacket levi’s

veronica di carlo
– psychologist –
montgomery fay

today on poison drops

01st of june on the ground floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. black monday. rome

sunglasses komono / top carla g / skirt zara

clutch vogue / shopping bag coin excelsior