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Month: May, 2015

14th of may on the ground floor

by styleonelevator ®

fabiana. iphone5. me and my girls. rome

fabiana ercolani

– student –
leather vintage jacket / jeans zara

mirtilla & margot
– lovely dogs –


13rd of may on the 6th floor

by styleonelevator ®

ferdinando. iphone5. exclusive. rome

ferdinando fattori
– pharmacist –
shirt armani / pants cos / mocasssin prada

12nd of may on the 6th floor

by styleonelevator ®

nella. samsung galaxy. cinecittà. rome

nella martone

– insurance consultant –
jeans jacket levi’s / union-jack t-shirt
pants zara / shoes camper / bag longchamp

today on poison drops

11st of may on the 4th floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. purple day. rome

coat comptoir des cotonniers / pull zara
pants stefanel / leather bag via de’ giubbonari, roma

08th of may on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

   giulio ale ele & sam. iphone5c. really? fiumicino. rome

giulio de donato

– programmer –
leather jacket calvin klein

alessandro seina
– art director and founder studio mjölk
jacket scotch and soda

elena de vito
– music producer –
dress liu-jo

samantha catini
– journalist –
leather jacket uniqlo / pull zara

today on poison drops

07th of may on the 7th floor

by styleonelevator ®

fabiana. iphone5. the red bag. rome

fabiana ercolani

– student –
sunglasses look total black / vintage leather bag

06th of may on the 5th floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam and a stranger. iphone5c. in a secret. rome

samantha catini

– journalist –
sunglasses komono / leather jacket blanco, madrid

– who knows –
sunglasses ray ban

05th of may on the 7th floor

by styleonelevator ®

marialuna. iphone4s. tress-girl. rome

marialuna maresca

– photo reporter –
dress ovs / necklace paris

today on poison drops

04th of may on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam. iphone5c. candle light. rome

jacket zara / pull liu jo / t-shirt “per me è no”
just a bottle of red wine

01st of may on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

lara. iphone5. coquette de printemps. rome

lara carlotta catini
– lawyer consultant –
suit-jacket max mara / foulard h&m
skirt max&co. / boots casadei

today on poison drops