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Month: March, 2014

17th of march on the 7th floor

by styleonelevator ®

samantha. iphone4. selfie on selfie. milan

foto (3)

vintage sun glasses / coat rue de rivoli, paris
t-shirt happiness / vintagwe bag gucci

14th of march on the ground floor

by styleonelevator ®

veronica. iphone4. look at me! rome


veronica nobile mino
– sisters gallery –
eyeglasses anne et valentin, paris / vintage light overcoat ysl 

today on poison drops

13rd of march on the 8th floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam & dona. iphone4. two feet is megl’ che one. milan

foto (1)

samantha catini
– journalist –
jeans calvin klein / ballerine mauro leone

donatella perrone
– journalist –
silk pants carla g / sneakers converse all star

12nd of march on the ground floor

by styleonelevator ®

stefano. iphone5. the good boy. rome


stefano mastropaolo
– fashion blogger –
hat malo / vintage eyglasses / ipad cover freitag

11st of march on the ground floor

by styleonelevator ®

sam&lali. iphone4. who’s that girl? rome

samantha catini
– journalist –
sun glasses ray ban / mantle h&m / leather jacket sandro ferrone / leather artisanal bag

ilaria arcadi
– altaroma –
sun glasses zara /scarf zara / trench zara / jeans ovs / bag mango

today on poison drops

10th of march on the 2nd floor

by styleonelevator ®

samantha. iphone4. b-side me. rome


wool handmade hat / pull zara
vintage blouse armani
jeans calvin klein

07th of march on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

claudia&lara. iphone5. guess who? rome

lara carlotta catini
– lawyer –
coat zara / pull disegual / jeans pimkie

claudia francesca catini
– lawyer –

coat zara / wool scarf zara / pull liu jo / skirt alcott

06th of march on the 2nd floor

by styleonelevator ®

lavinia. iphone5s. under my skin. rome

lavinia caldani
– altaroma –
elmet dainese / maxi raincoat green bay, niagara / vintage bag fendi

05th of march on the 2nd floor

by styleonelevator ®

ale & sam. iphone4-samsung galaxy. like bonnie & clyde. rome


alessandro seina
– art director and studio mjölk founder –
vintage leather jacket / jeans tommy hilfiger

samantha catini
– journalist –
vintage sun glasses ray ban/ coat sandra d
wool handmade collar / silk dress carla g / bag furla

04th of march on the 5th floor

by styleonelevator ®

silvia. iphone4. the girl with the gun. rome


silvia mary quant
– nurse –
sun glasses ray ban / jeans jacket levi’s / bag gucci

today on poison drops