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Month: March, 2012

3rd march on the 3rd floor

by styleonelevator ®

mela. iphone 4. classy&chic. milan.

maria elena capitanio
jacket mcqueen / dress balenciaga / belt ysl


2nd march on the 6th floor

by styleonelevator ®

samantha. iphone 4. because the light. rome.

eye glasses juicy couture / jacket marc jacobs
pink t-shirt zara / skirt (sfera) madrid

1st march on the 4th floor

by styleonelevator ®

lulù. iphone 4. aladin style. ny.

pants rene deri’ / tshirt h&m / grey jacket armani
black jacket h&m / bag sanghera usmani london
vintage family scarf / necklace zuccherosa bijoux turin